New Class I’m Teaching near Los Angeles

CLASS NAME: A ZINE OF GENTLE MONSTERS INSTRUCTOR: Teesha Moore of Zettiology TIMES: Saturday, MARCH 12, 2016   3-5 PM MIN/MAX # 10/24 CLASS COST: $62 MATERIALS FEE: INCLUDED  Teacher providing:  5 sheets of Canson paper, special pen and pencil (you can keep), bookbinding needle and thread, collage pack, use of Pan Pastels/tools, use of inks, cups/paper towels, other medium. ADDITIONAL MATERIALS TO BRING: scissors, pencil, glue stick (fresh one please), fine line pen (any kind), tiny paintbrush, white Sharpie poster paint pen in extra fine (water soluble, not oil-based), water soluble colored pencils (optional). SKILL LEVEL: ALL DESCRIPTION: Using quality colored artist papers, you will make a little zine filled with fabulously fun characters.  You will make a 20-page booklet, using a simple ( but invaluable) binding method and then get a lesson in drawing with pens and pencils and other materials.  Learn to play around with collage, adding color to pages and then adding “value” to make your pages pop!  In addition you will add lettering to the pages to tell a story.  This will be a fast paced, fun workshop that will encourage you to let loose and play.   Photo’s below. NOTE: This workshop will take place at […]

Wonderful Museum of Totems

About a month ago, we found ourselves in Vancouver, BC for a day and a half and decided to pay a taxi driver to take us to the Museum of Anthropology.  Between the cost of the taxi up and back again and admission, it was close to $100 to see it, but it was pretty epic and amazing.  This is the walkway just outside of the museum.  We got there just as they opened which was awesome as we were able to take shots without a bunch of people there….except for the one lady in a bright yellow raincoat.  🙁 These shots were all taken for my own reference for future art projects but I thought you might be inspired as well. These are photographs from photographs.  They have these in books you can look through. These are all in another section of the museum and showcase similar artifacts from various places in the world. This is in a special exhibit they were having from Portugal.  What I love most about this one are the shadows…the shapes cast.

Place of Magic

So, if you ever find yourself heading east up hwy. 2 towards Leavenworth, about halfway there you will see a little town of Index.  This town was once a bustling hub providing granite, gold, silver and other precious materials to Seattle.  There is a lot of really good (magical) energy here.  You can feel it.  Anyway…just past Index, you will see mile marker 38.  A little bit past the marker you will see the scene below….a giant profile of a face looking across the road on your left and a little bit of a turn off on the right to park.  Secure your car and climb over the railing to your right and proceed down the hill. You will see giant sleeping faces in the rocks.  They are the guardians. Looking down from above.  Take care not to fall. So many areas where gnomes and fairies live. This is the area down by the river and a must-see. I’ve been seeing faces in rocks everywhere I hike to lately. If I could only see the magical beings who live in here. yes, it was absolutely pouring but worth every soaked minute out there. If you want to see more pictures […]

Artfest Rising March 30-April 3, 2016

Well gang…I won’t go into all the magical and amazing workings of the universe which led me to do a complete 180 and consider planning a somewhat large event again…just suffice it to say that the stars aligned and it felt like it was happening, even before I said YES. This new version of Artfest will happen next spring once again at the amazingly beautiful, Fort Worden State Park.  Like past Artfests, it will start on a Wednesday night and end on Sunday morning.  We are excited to launch a brand new agenda for this event.  It will include evening gatherings and lots of classes; 6 to be exact (instead of 3 in the past).  You will get 2 teachers a day, 3 hours for each with a 2 hour lunch break in between. Tracy and I have our team already picked out for this first one: 3 Men and 3 Women!  Michael DeMeng and his wife Andrea Matus DeMeng, Jesse Reno, Orly Avineri, Tracy Moore and Me.  We will each teach you our unique styles and techniques involving drawing, painting, collaging, lettering, mixed media, methods, and more all on the pages of a large journal.  When you go home, the journal will be […]

My Mom is staying with me

Recently, while we were in Hawaii, my mom texted and asked if she could stay with me for a couple of weeks around thanksgiving.  Since my dad passed away a couple of months ago, of course I said “sure”.  She has amended her stay till christmas, so I encouraged her to paint something while here.  She picked out this big cabinet at Home Goods.  I tried taking a few pics as she went along. I helped her with the quote and the lettering.  😉  It’s in Swedish and translates to “To hold and to laugh and to sing”. She had fun looking around my studio for ideas and came across my tiles.  I think they look awesome on the front.   She’s decided to sell it to help pay for her trip.  She sells a lot of her work on Ebay.  You can find this HERE.  Since it is so heavy, she decided to offer it only to people who can pick it up (at my studio in Issaquah, WA.) or we can try to figure out shipping if need be.

Big Island Trip

  Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii   Hawaiian Hamburger     Lava Tube with a handsome little hairy guide.  😉  We just happened upon this in the backyard of one of the coffee mills.     Hobbit House b&b near South Coast.  It was beautiful but terribly hot and humid with no fans (they live off the grid…so minimum electricity).     South Coast was amazing. and yes, the water (and the sky) was that blue.  I saw a couple different pods of dolphins.         Pretty much the only restaurant down by Hobbit House, so we got to know them pretty well.     Another lava tube cave by the side of the road.     We were hiking in the volcano area when I looked down and saw 2 different shoes on Tracy’s feet.  He’s definitely not a morning person.     an ancient eruption hole.     \ madame pele herself.  a lot of people love the volcano…I was more interested in the rainforest.   Volcano Rainforest Retreat – AMAZING!       Go to the lookout at night.     It’s hard to capture the grandeur of these trees.  This is in Hilo.     […]

Fans of Giusi Branca

Some of you who are members of The Artstronauts Facebook Group (or took our Mermaid Circus workshop) will be familiar with Giusi Branca’s work.  She is probably my best customer for collage sheets!  Anyway, she recently sent me a tote bag that she designed through Society6 .  It’s high quality and the image is very vivid.  Anyone can upload their own art and make it into a slew of products.  I love Giusi’s work and am thrilled I can get it on all sort of things…that shower curtain (below) is looking pretty awesome…  

Danmala Flower Mandalas

I stumbled across these as I was doing a search for Mandala’s.  I took a 3-day class one time on the traditional ones and they’ve intrigued me ever since.  You could do the same with a cheap bouquet of flowers you purchase from the farmer’s market.  Watch out for wind!  Or raid your veggie bin, make one on the counter, take a shot and then eat the mandala!  😉 to see more from this fabulous artist,


So I was at the Asian Market yesterday (Uwajimaya’s in Bellevue, WA.) buying some aloe vera stalks (more about this in another post).  I used to make smoothies using the flesh but sometimes it would be very bitter.  That was quite a few years ago but recently I happened upon a video of this guy filleting aloe vera and then soaking it in water for 5 minutes.  He said that you need to rinse the yellow-ie part as it is an anti-nutrient and it makes it bitter.  So I tried it again and my gut really seemed to be happy that I did. While there I just couldn’t resist the organic dragonfruit, laying there all neon pink and everything.  I figured out it would be close to $7 and had a hard time deciding.  It seemed super ripe but not overly so.  Anyway, it is super juicy but you’d think it would taste just like it looks.  It doesn’t really.  I wanted some sweetness.  It had none.  The texture was nice though.  Kind of like a giant kiwi but flat on flavor.  Still, this fruit would look killer in so many things.  I suppose if you treated it as you would […]