Home Renovations Update

I recently got the A-OK from Tracy that we could make some serious changes to our home.  I desperately need something new.  These red and yellow walls, magenta carpet and cheap squeaky ikea laminate floor all have done their duty but time for it all to retire. The photo above is one of TONS I have saved that helps me focus on the look I’m kinda going after…LOTS of wood, and white walls (I have picked out Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White”).  I love old japanese style….but am already thinking of adding a great big black swiss cross painted somewhere. For starters, we had to re-roof our house which was way overdue.  Every time it rained, I’d run for the stack of bowls and knew exactly where they needed to be placed.  This was way too big of a chunk of $, but had to be done. This photo below shows 2 samples of flooring given to us by Tracy’s contractor friend so we could see how each looked.  Everyone recommends Luxury Vinyl Planks and after much research, it’s our choice.  It’ll be nice having it over our entire floor.  We had the dogs walk across it to see how it […]

Danmala Flower Mandalas

I stumbled across these as I was doing a search for Mandala’s.  I took a 3-day class one time on the traditional ones and they’ve intrigued me ever since.  You could do the same with a cheap bouquet of flowers you purchase from the farmer’s market.  Watch out for wind!  Or raid your veggie bin, make one on the counter, take a shot and then eat the mandala!  😉 to see more from this fabulous artist, http://danmala.com

Wahoo – A new website and a new blog!

This has been a long time coming.  My oldest daughter was my web designer for years until she needed to move on and explore her full potential (and make more $).  So then I scraped together a measly little website that was also my shop.  I’m not sure how I managed to accomplish it, but I did.  It was basic but it did the job.  Unfortunately, every time I had to go in and change stuff around, I’d have a huge learning curve again.  It was miserable and time consuming. Meanwhile, I started up My Artstronauts club and my old blogger blog (www.teeshascircus.blogspot.com) fell by the wayside.  I have fallen in love with wordpress (which hosts my club website) and recently asked my web guy if he’d help set up website/blogs for both Tracy and I.  He said yes and I was beyond excited! I want this to be my hub for everything going on in my life.  As such, I will blog about anything and everything that I find interesting, worth the time to post or stuff to keep you in the loop.  I will add new work to my Portfolio page as I make it and you can […]
Sep 18

Black + White Journal

This is a journal that Tracy and I collaborated on and is still one of my favorites.  We need to do more of these type of projects.  and we need more time!