this is my story

all my life i had an awareness of how my life would go.  in my 20’s i had this vision.  i would raise my kids in my twenties.  in my 30’s i would work my head off, so i could coast through my 40’s but after that it was blank.  when i hit 50, i didn’t know what to expect.  but was relieved to make it to 53.  then it happened. i found myself going for a 3rd surgery for an umbilical cord hernia that plagued me since my 20’s. when  i woke up from the surgery i didn’t know who tracy (the love of my life) was.  i didn’t realize it then, but i was suffering a major stroke.  it was all a blur for the next 2 weeks.  The surgeon said i wasn’t going to make it through the night.  I had a 5% chance. I know it was all of you, my art friends who got me through the night.  I still get teary thinking about it. I woke up 3 days later, and i couldn’t move my right side, nor could i talk.  but i made it!  that began the long recovery i was in for […]

Mexico City

So it all started when I was invited to teach in Florida.  I was buying my tickets and paused to think for a minute if there was any place close to florida that I had wanted to go.  Mexico City!  A destination that has been on my bucket list for 30+ years.  When I figured out a 3-legged flight itinerary, it was around $20 more than a RT to florida.  On top of that, Tracy said he had enough points on his Marriott card to get all 6 nights comped at the Marriott Reforma.  He must have mentioned that we were celebrating our 35th anniversary because when we arrived, this was on our bed. Little piles of colored rice that had been placed using stencils, and a note that said to dial “0” to get it scooped up. This was the view from our room at 2am when we got in. The next morning we went in search of coffee and found this cool spot a block down.  I wanted that pink chair bad! A mexican couple heard Tracy trying to explain to the non-english speaking baristas what we wanted to drink and offered their help with translating.  They approached […]

Standard Sized Travelers Notebooks

So I was trying to come up with a good way to show all my designs to my mom and a couple friends, so they could pick out a traveler’s notebook cover.  So this seemed like the easiest way, and everyone else benefits as well. I started making some micro midori covers a couple months ago (below) and have now ventured into other sizes (below).  These (below) happen to be the 4-ish x 8.5″ tall one (actual measures at 10″ x 8.5″ when flat).  It is the “standard” or “regular” size on the internet.  look here if you don’t have a clue what I am talking about.  It’s a system that utilizes stretchy cords in the binding so that you can put any of the inserts into it and remove when they are full…but still keep using the cover. Anyway…they are $130 and I sell them on Etsy.  I have some that are done and are listed but if you simply must have one of these and are willing to wait, you may request a special order.  You will need the title of the one you like when ordering. ps.  they are made out of good quality leather with my […]

My favorite spots in Seattle Here you go…the most asked question I get…where do I go in seattle.  well, here are a few of my faves.  if you are an device user, you need to be signed into google to view what each of my pins are.

My favorite Spots to visit in Los Angeles A google map with all my fave spots.

Map of all my favorite places in Portland, OR. I created a google map with all my favorite spots pinned and explained.  If you are an Idevice user, you need to be signed in to google to be able to see the names of the pins.

Vancouver Island trip – part 3

We spotted a bear alongside the road as we were coming back from Botanical Beach.  He never came close enough for me to get a good shot but it thrilled me to pieces none-the-less.  I then explained to Tracy that I had been seeing bears all over the place as well as having them turn up in my journal pages.  When I saw a REAL one, I wondered if it was my new totem animal.  I think it is. Later that day, tracy opened a Jack Hamm drawing book he had brought along and guess what it fell open to…bears.  What is REALLY weird is that I kept writing moon bear on my page.  After awhile I decided to look up what a bear totem means and one of the parts can be a moon bear.  maybe more on this later.  But we both thought it was pretty serendipitous. OK…so back to the trip…we stopped at Sombrio beach.  A quick search will explain how this has been a surfers haven for many years and many people had set up houses and were living off the land until the government came in and sawed their houses in half (literally with a chain […]

Our Vancouver Island trip – part 2

Fourteen years ago we stayed at the Sooke Harbour House for our anniversary and it was lovely.  I happened to see it on expedia for about $100/night which was way less than we paid before.  You don’t get to pick your room and no meals are included.  But that was fine by us. They put us in the Emily Carr room which had a fantastic view. It was significant to me that a tree was directly above my side of the bed.  I have a very fond attachment to them.  Little did I know it would signify the sights I was about to see. This was the view from our deck after we got all our stuff unpacked in the room.  Can’t ask for more! So, I had done some research and realized I wanted to go to Botanical Beach in Port Renfrew at low tide.  The only low tide that day was 7am.  And this place was over an hour away.  Tracy didn’t complain when I told him we’d have to wake at 5am.  We had the road all to ourselves.  No slowpokes to get behind.  But we also didn’t have our morning coffee or any food.  Thank goodness we […]

Our 34th Anniversary Trip to Vancouver Island, BC. – part 1

So it all started pretty early on a thursday.  The tide would be all the way out at 10am in Birch Bay, one of my favorite beaches.  We got up early, had some breakfast on the way and made it there with time to spare.  We stopped at Woods Coffee right off the exit to Birch Bay.  As I was uploading photos I realized what this cup said and thought it was very fitting for the trip. We didn’t waste any more time, put our rubber boots on and headed out.  Although when I got back I felt the shallow water and it was really warm.  I had wished I had walked out there barefoot to get some “earthing” in.  Nothing better than water and earth. I love my Tretorn Boots.  I’ve had them for a long time and they are always perfect for playing outside with the dogs as well as traipsing through water. So after satisfying my craving for beach walking (and rock collecting), we hopped back in the car and headed across the border into Canada.  It was about 11:30 and was perfect timing as we only had 3 cars in front of us.  The border can […]

I’m Teaching in South Florida – March 11-13, 2017

I am so excited to be teaching with Dyan Reaveley in Florida!  I’ve had the most requests to come teach in Florida than any other state.  When I was asked by Michelle McCosh, the fabulous organizer behind this famous event, I knew in a heartbeat I wanted to be involved.  It just sounds like a ton of fun to get to teach, journal and hang out with the people who come. I’ve heard it fills fast so make sure you sign up quickly if you want to come.  here is the link