Standard Sized Travelers Notebooks

So I was trying to come up with a good way to show all my designs to my mom and a couple friends, so they could pick out a traveler’s notebook cover.  So this seemed like the easiest way, and everyone else benefits as well. I started making some micro midori covers a couple months ago (below) and have now ventured into other sizes (below).  These (below) happen to be the 4-ish x 8.5″ tall one (actual measures at 10″ x 8.5″ when flat).  It is the “standard” or “regular” size on the internet.  look here if you don’t have a clue what I am talking about.  It’s a system that utilizes stretchy cords in the binding so that you can put any of the inserts into it and remove when they are full…but still keep using the cover. Anyway…they are $130 and I sell them on Etsy.  I have some that are done and are listed but if you simply must have one of these and are willing to wait, you may request a special order.  You will need the title of the one you like when ordering. ps.  they are made out of good quality leather with my […]

Artfest Rising March 30-April 3, 2016

Well gang…I won’t go into all the magical and amazing workings of the universe which led me to do a complete 180 and consider planning a somewhat large event again…just suffice it to say that the stars aligned and it felt like it was happening, even before I said YES. This new version of Artfest will happen next spring once again at the amazingly beautiful, Fort Worden State Park.  Like past Artfests, it will start on a Wednesday night and end on Sunday morning.  We are excited to launch a brand new agenda for this event.  It will include evening gatherings and lots of classes; 6 to be exact (instead of 3 in the past).  You will get 2 teachers a day, 3 hours for each with a 2 hour lunch break in between. Tracy and I have our team already picked out for this first one: 3 Men and 3 Women!  Michael DeMeng and his wife Andrea Matus DeMeng, Jesse Reno, Orly Avineri, Tracy Moore and Me.  We will each teach you our unique styles and techniques involving drawing, painting, collaging, lettering, mixed media, methods, and more all on the pages of a large journal.  When you go home, the journal will be […]