Mexico City

So it all started when I was invited to teach in Florida.  I was buying my tickets and paused to think for a minute if there was any place close to florida that I had wanted to go.  Mexico City!  A destination that has been on my bucket list for 30+ years.  When I figured out a 3-legged flight itinerary, it was around $20 more than a RT to florida.  On top of that, Tracy said he had enough points on his Marriott card to get all 6 nights comped at the Marriott Reforma.  He must have mentioned that we were celebrating our 35th anniversary because when we arrived, this was on our bed. Little piles of colored rice that had been placed using stencils, and a note that said to dial “0” to get it scooped up. This was the view from our room at 2am when we got in. The next morning we went in search of coffee and found this cool spot a block down.  I wanted that pink chair bad! A mexican couple heard Tracy trying to explain to the non-english speaking baristas what we wanted to drink and offered their help with translating.  They approached […]