Wonderful Museum of Totems

About a month ago, we found ourselves in Vancouver, BC for a day and a half and decided to pay a taxi driver to take us to the Museum of Anthropology.  Between the cost of the taxi up and back again and admission, it was close to $100 to see it, but it was pretty epic and amazing.  This is the walkway just outside of the museum.  We got there just as they opened which was awesome as we were able to take shots without a bunch of people there….except for the one lady in a bright yellow raincoat.  🙁 These shots were all taken for my own reference for future art projects but I thought you might be inspired as well. These are photographs from photographs.  They have these in books you can look through. These are all in another section of the museum and showcase similar artifacts from various places in the world. This is in a special exhibit they were having from Portugal.  What I love most about this one are the shadows…the shapes cast.