How I Start My Day

When my web guy asked me for my different blog categories, I didn’t realize I could have different blogs.  I immediately said “food” “life” and “art”.  But then I was thinking about the fact that the 3 are always intertwined.  And I want this blog to be about anything.  So, when I started thinking about food, I thought I’d share what I eat for breakfast every morning.  This is what gets me out of bed and makes me happy.  I have the same exact thing every morning and never tire of it.  Anyway, to start, here is my little rice cooker.  It can make a max of 3 cups.  I have a larger one than can cook up to 10 cups of rice which is great for a large gathering.  Many times, I will put the rice on and whip up a batch of curried lentils.  It makes a nice, homey tummy full for a crowd of guests. I would highly suggest buying a really good brand.  The one above was about $79 but it’s perfect.  I put my rice into it the night before, add water and set the time to 6:30am.  This means that the rice will be […]