So I was at the Asian Market yesterday (Uwajimaya’s in Bellevue, WA.) buying some aloe vera stalks (more about this in another post).  I used to make smoothies using the flesh but sometimes it would be very bitter.  That was quite a few years ago but recently I happened upon a video of this guy filleting aloe vera and then soaking it in water for 5 minutes.  He said that you need to rinse the yellow-ie part as it is an anti-nutrient and it makes it bitter.  So I tried it again and my gut really seemed to be happy that I did.

While there I just couldn’t resist the organic dragonfruit, laying there all neon pink and everything.  I figured out it would be close to $7 and had a hard time deciding.  It seemed super ripe but not overly so.  Anyway, it is super juicy but you’d think it would taste just like it looks.  It doesn’t really.  I wanted some sweetness.  It had none.  The texture was nice though.  Kind of like a giant kiwi but flat on flavor.  Still, this fruit would look killer in so many things.  I suppose if you treated it as you would a cucumber, you might have some fun with it.




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  1. pam knutson
    October 09, 2014

    Hi Teesha – I had dragon fruit in this country and found it flat and tasteless as well…but I had many in Guatemala this summer and they were wonderful – red all the way through and so juicy that we actually used one to print and color pages in our journals with this summer. Such a good surprise as I had been thinking dragon fruit are beautiful to look at but not so great to eat. Maybe they have them
    in Hawaii? They should definitely ripen there! Thanks for your breakfast idea, can’t wait to try it as I love all those things and have tired of cereal for breakfast.
    Thanks for all you do, your website and Artronauts Club is fantastic!!
    Have a great trip.
    Pam from Mpls.

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