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When my web guy asked me for my different blog categories, I didn’t realize I could have different blogs.  I immediately said “food” “life” and “art”.  But then I was thinking about the fact that the 3 are always intertwined.  And I want this blog to be about anything.  So, when I started thinking about food, I thought I’d share what I eat for breakfast every morning.  This is what gets me out of bed and makes me happy.  I have the same exact thing every morning and never tire of it.  Anyway, to start, here is my little rice cooker.  It can make a max of 3 cups.  I have a larger one than can cook up to 10 cups of rice which is great for a large gathering.  Many times, I will put the rice on and whip up a batch of curried lentils.  It makes a nice, homey tummy full for a crowd of guests.


I would highly suggest buying a really good brand.  The one above was about $79 but it’s perfect.  I put my rice into it the night before, add water and set the time to 6:30am.  This means that the rice will be all done cooking at that time.  It also acts as an alarm clock as it plays a little tune when done cooking.  It immediately switches to “keep warm” setting on it’s own so if you don’t get out of bed for a couple hours, it’s good to go.  I use about half for breakfast and the rest stays warm all day if I want to include it in my lunch or dinner.  If it doesn’t get used, I will put it in the fridge and then the next morning I just throw it in a frying pan with a little water to warm it back up.


You are really supposed to stir the rice soon after it is done cooking.  Lately, I’ve been putting maybe 1 T. or less of butter on top along with a sprinkling of Umami (see package below) or you could add a little salt instead and then give it a stir.  Or, of course, leave it plain.

IMG_2623 IMG_2624

I am absolutely crazy for this umami powder below.  It can be hard to find.  I buy it from Uwajimaya’s (up here in seattle).  Their website is  It is excellent on pretty much everything.


Here is the main star of the morning show…..Black Garlic Kimchi by Britt’s, a local company.  I also add some soaked cashews for some protein.  These are much more tasty than you might be thinking.  I cover about 1 cup of cashews with filtered water and let them sit overnight in the fridge.  Each morning, I drain them and add some to the plate.  I then replace the water with fresh and store in the fridge.  They are good for about 3-4 days as long as you replace the water each day.  Soaking cashews makes them MUCH more digestible and good for your body.

Back to the Kimchi…I am crazy over this!  This particular kind has black garlic included.  I’m kinda a wimp when it comes to heat, but this doesn’t really have much…much less than your normal kimchi has.  And there is nothing better for your digestion than fermented cabbage!


I once read in the book Perfect Health Diet that white rice is actually better for you because it doesn’t tax your digestive track.  I also use gaba rice a lot too.  I figure I get plenty of fiber from all the veggies I eat.

IMG_2631 IMG_2632

Having smaller bowls helps you with your portions and these are just perfect.  btw…ANY kimchee is good, just try different ones to come up with something you love or there are so many fermented cabbage slaws out now too that are delicious and healthy.  And you can soak almonds or walnuts too.  Although I adore the creaminess of cashews.


Lastly, I thought I’d show you my cupboard of Weck Jars.  These are worth every penny.  You usually have to order a whole case of them, but they are great as gifts if you don’t want them all yourself.  I rarely use plastic anything anymore (not good for you) and these jars hold everything from leftovers, to your pot of stock, to veggies that you parboil in the morning to use throughout the day, to freezing, and of course, soaking nuts and seeds.  I don’t mess with the rubber gaskets and clips.  There is no need to when you are simply storing stuff in the fridge.


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  1. Jennifer Maroney
    October 09, 2014

    Teesha! I just started making Kimchi and it is Soooooooo yummy! Love it!
    I love the new site!

  2. Janine Heifetz
    October 09, 2014

    Love kimchi, will have to try Britt’s! Thanks for sharing! I think it is a great breakfast! You wouldn’t know a great Korean restaurant in King County would you?

    • teesha
      October 11, 2014

      We don’t have good ones but have you tried Jang Soo Tofu down at the Great Wall Mall (close to Ikea)? My kimchee loving daughter and I think it’s closer to the top than most. There is also a new tiny korean restaurant that just opened in factoria that I want to try out.

  3. Cindi
    October 14, 2014

    I’m vegan and always looking for more good things to try. I think I really need to try kimchi. This lovely meal looks delish!

  4. Judy
    October 17, 2014

    Thanks for the inspiration in your art and your food! I am vegan and have a friend that also does her own fermenting of veggies. I tried kimchi and didn’t care for it, but am willing to try it again with your suggestions. Thank you and love, love, love the new website.

  5. MissC
    May 21, 2015

    Awesome and inspiring! Thank you for this!

  6. Sue McG
    June 21, 2015

    Comfort food! Do you heat the kimchi and the cashews?

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