Our 34th Anniversary Trip to Vancouver Island, BC. – part 1


So it all started pretty early on a thursday.  The tide would be all the way out at 10am in Birch Bay, one of my favorite beaches.  We got up early, had some breakfast on the way and made it there with time to spare.  We stopped at Woods Coffee right off the exit to Birch Bay.  As I was uploading photos I realized what this cup said and thought it was very fitting for the trip.


We didn’t waste any more time, put our rubber boots on and headed out.  Although when I got back I felt the shallow water and it was really warm.  I had wished I had walked out there barefoot to get some “earthing” in.  Nothing better than water and earth.


I love my Tretorn Boots.  I’ve had them for a long time and they are always perfect for playing outside with the dogs as well as traipsing through water.

IMG_1079 IMG_1077

So after satisfying my craving for beach walking (and rock collecting), we hopped back in the car and headed across the border into Canada.  It was about 11:30 and was perfect timing as we only had 3 cars in front of us.  The border can be backed up for hours at times.  We drove into White Rock, parked the car and started walking.


This was interesting and cool.


Tracy was having a hankering for good fish and chips and since this place had a lot of people at it, we decided to give it a go.


We were able to get an outside table and it was beautiful out.  And, no I don’t know that couple.


These days, Tracy and I split everything and thank goodness…this was a “single”.  Every order comes with an extra piece of fish.  It was really good, but I was careful not to have anything else fried on the trip.


This was inside.  Exactly what you expect of a seaside eatery.


I still have a fascination with totem poles and get excited when I spot one.


The tide was still out at White Rock too.


This little guy was too creepy not to get a shot of.


Shells for sale.


These guys were super cool, tucked away behind a gate in town.


So we hopped back in the car for a little exploring.  We found ourselves in Ocean Park, a charming little village that was off the tourist track.  Tracy’s a MEAT man so he wanted to stop at Mitchell’s.  This place had been open for a few generations and was really cool.  We mentioned that there was a fresh scent in the air (unusual for a meat market) and they proudly told us all about putting fresh sawdust on the floor everyday to keep it clean and absorb the smells.  Brilliant.


I LOVE soup and thought these were clever.


Next we stopped across the street at a Deli called Malones.  It was super cute and I had wished we were hungry.



Because I would have died for a scoop of this chickpea, barley and kale salad.  Tracy can have his fish and chips….this is what I live for.


Back in the car we went and travelled further down the road to Crescent Beach.  Just before you get there, there is a tiny area called Crescent Heights that has another little deli next to a delicious bakery (baker is from england!).


We HAD to stop because Tracy likes his meat of course but I LOVE sauerkraut.  We picked up some pate, goat cheese and crackers.  And next door, a baguette.  Thank goodness we remembered to bring our cooler that plugs into our car to keep it cold till we could get back to our room.

IMG_1075 IMG_1017

These are just two more shots around White Rock.  So, if you go…you MUST go up into the untouristy part of White Rock.  Search for The Wooden Spoon restaurant.  You’ll see a few cute places around there and apparently that restaurant is really good.  We didn’t go because we had reservations at Le Vol Au Vent.  OMG!!!!!  One of my all-time favorite meals ever.  Get the Calamari with garlic on a sizzle plate.  Best thing I think I’ve ever eaten.  ever!  But each thing we ordered was divine.  We will be going back just to hit this place again.


We caught the ferry that goes from Tsawwassen to Sydney.  You have to arrive about an hour early and reservations are recommended.  The ride is 90 minutes, so we snagged a table to have our deli items for breakfast and then journal.


This handsome fella greeted us after we parked in sydney (by the water).  He made us so happy because he reminded us of one of our dogs (Odin- the blue heeler) who would wear this if he could.


Some cool window art in town.


We darted down to Victoria and straight to the Public Market.  Can you tell we like good artisan foods?  Salt Spring Island Cheese company makes my favorite goat cheese in all the land and they have a kiosk here.  The place was really cool.  We got a little chocolate, some balsamic vinegars as well as oils from “Olive the Senses” where you could taste everything first.


Then a couple blocks away was Chinatown with some interesting areas down the tiny little alleys.


We decided to hop back in the car and zip up to The Sooke Harbour House where we would spend the next 3 nights at.  Next time I’d like to spend more time in Victoria.  We were hitting not touristy spots and I liked it a lot more than I remembered from the last trip.

Since this post is so long…I will do a part two.

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  1. Mary Mouat
    June 09, 2016

    Welcome to Canada, T and T – i hope you have a great visit (and don’t forget to visit East Sooke Park and Botanical Beach (and next time, do book more time in Victoria – there is lots of cool stuff to do here (and we have totem poles in unexpected places, too!)

    • Teesha Moore
      June 09, 2016

      Thank you! and yes we did hit both those places…you can see in my other two posts that are now up. we’re coming back!

  2. Wendy Gault
    June 09, 2016

    What a great trip!! Nothing better than “tripping’ with someone you love and travel well with. I think I could almost taste those fish and chips. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Susie LaFond
    June 09, 2016

    Love your out and about shares Teesha. I had to smile when you said you loved sauerkraut, me too 😉 Terry and Britt think I’m nuts but I love the stuff. I adore hitting out of the way places and I’m with you on artisan foods and specialties, luckily I have a small but always satisfiying go to list of local shops I’ll visit in a heartbeat when a crave occurs. So many cool shots too. Sounds perfectly divine to me. Ok gotta go read the next part. 🙂

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