Big Island Trip

  Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii   Hawaiian Hamburger     Lava Tube with a handsome little hairy guide.  😉  We just happened upon this in the backyard of one of the coffee mills.     Hobbit House b&b near South Coast.  It was beautiful but terribly hot and humid with no fans (they live off the grid…so minimum electricity).     South Coast was amazing. and yes, the water (and the sky) was that blue.  I saw a couple different pods of dolphins.         Pretty much the only restaurant down by Hobbit House, so we got to know them pretty well.     Another lava tube cave by the side of the road.     We were hiking in the volcano area when I looked down and saw 2 different shoes on Tracy’s feet.  He’s definitely not a morning person.     an ancient eruption hole.     \ madame pele herself.  a lot of people love the volcano…I was more interested in the rainforest.   Volcano Rainforest Retreat – AMAZING!       Go to the lookout at night.     It’s hard to capture the grandeur of these trees.  This is in Hilo.     […]