My Mom is staying with me

Recently, while we were in Hawaii, my mom texted and asked if she could stay with me for a couple of weeks around thanksgiving.  Since my dad passed away a couple of months ago, of course I said “sure”.  She has amended her stay till christmas, so I encouraged her to paint something while here.  She picked out this big cabinet at Home Goods.  I tried taking a few pics as she went along. I helped her with the quote and the lettering.  😉  It’s in Swedish and translates to “To hold and to laugh and to sing”. She had fun looking around my studio for ideas and came across my tiles.  I think they look awesome on the front.   She’s decided to sell it to help pay for her trip.  She sells a lot of her work on Ebay.  You can find this HERE.  Since it is so heavy, she decided to offer it only to people who can pick it up (at my studio in Issaquah, WA.) or we can try to figure out shipping if need be.