So I was at the Asian Market yesterday (Uwajimaya’s in Bellevue, WA.) buying some aloe vera stalks (more about this in another post).  I used to make smoothies using the flesh but sometimes it would be very bitter.  That was quite a few years ago but recently I happened upon a video of this guy filleting aloe vera and then soaking it in water for 5 minutes.  He said that you need to rinse the yellow-ie part as it is an anti-nutrient and it makes it bitter.  So I tried it again and my gut really seemed to be happy that I did. While there I just couldn’t resist the organic dragonfruit, laying there all neon pink and everything.  I figured out it would be close to $7 and had a hard time deciding.  It seemed super ripe but not overly so.  Anyway, it is super juicy but you’d think it would taste just like it looks.  It doesn’t really.  I wanted some sweetness.  It had none.  The texture was nice though.  Kind of like a giant kiwi but flat on flavor.  Still, this fruit would look killer in so many things.  I suppose if you treated it as you would […]