Place of Magic

So, if you ever find yourself heading east up hwy. 2 towards Leavenworth, about halfway there you will see a little town of Index.  This town was once a bustling hub providing granite, gold, silver and other precious materials to Seattle.  There is a lot of really good (magical) energy here.  You can feel it.  Anyway…just past Index, you will see mile marker 38.  A little bit past the marker you will see the scene below….a giant profile of a face looking across the road on your left and a little bit of a turn off on the right to park.  Secure your car and climb over the railing to your right and proceed down the hill. You will see giant sleeping faces in the rocks.  They are the guardians. Looking down from above.  Take care not to fall. So many areas where gnomes and fairies live. This is the area down by the river and a must-see. I’ve been seeing faces in rocks everywhere I hike to lately. If I could only see the magical beings who live in here. yes, it was absolutely pouring but worth every soaked minute out there. If you want to see more pictures […]