Jun 09

Vancouver Island trip – part 3

We spotted a bear alongside the road as we were coming back from Botanical Beach.  He never came close enough for me to get a good shot but it thrilled me to pieces none-the-less.  I then explained to Tracy that I had been seeing bears all over the place as well as having them turn up in my journal pages.  When I saw a REAL one, I wondered if it was my new totem animal.  I think it is.


Later that day, tracy opened a Jack Hamm drawing book he had brought along and guess what it fell open to…bears.  What is REALLY weird is that I kept writing moon bear on my page.  After awhile I decided to look up what a bear totem means and one of the parts can be a moon bear.  maybe more on this later.  But we both thought it was pretty serendipitous.


OK…so back to the trip…we stopped at Sombrio beach.  A quick search will explain how this has been a surfers haven for many years and many people had set up houses and were living off the land until the government came in and sawed their houses in half (literally with a chain saw).  When they didn’t leave they burnt the shacks to the ground.  Sad.


It is a long pothole ridden dirt road to the trail that leads to the beach.  But Tracy can drive those things like an expert since he did that every weekend growing up.


There were a lot of surfers and they were all so gracious and friendly.


These are platforms they can camp out if they want to.  I think this was the last remaining one and was taken 2 minutes after I shot it.

IMG_1250 IMG_1216 IMG_1249 IMG_1213 IMG_1212

So, Vancouver Island has this cool thing where they will put up a sign for artisans who are OK with tourists stopping in.  So when Tracy saw this Blacksmith Forge, he wanted to go.  This guy was awesome and showed us how to do it.


He had some cool stuff along with his son who also lived and worked there.

IMG_1233 IMG_1232

Tracy also couldn’t pass up a distillery we saw.  After trying both kinds, he had to have them both.  Said they were the best he’s ever had.  Apparently 3 guys got together, one being a famous chef and created a side business.  I sat in the car.  Can’t stand the taste of alcohol.

IMG_1241 IMG_1242

This place was overrated…called Shirley Delicious.  Just wasn’t impressed.  But the herbalicious lemonade was refreshing even though watered down since it was in the 90’s while we were there.


Before we got back to Sooke (below) we also stopped at Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery.  The mead was amazing…sweet but not too sweet.  We have tried mead before and none of it tasted good.  This did!  The recipes go way way way back generations upon generations.  Worth a stop if you go.  We also stopped in at the Sea Salt Production co.  They guy was great and showed us how they make seasalt.  Of course we bought a ton of it in all different flavors and were back on the road again.

Stick In The Mud Coffee (below) really did have the best in town and a great little spot to journal at to boot!


Went to Mom’s Diner for breakfast based on someone’s suggestion.  It was ok, but when I subbed out potato pancake instead of country potatoes, I had no idea I would get a mound of what reminded me of mcdonalds hashbrowns.  Just be warned…they are tasty but you will have a tummy ache if you eat them all….it’s hard not to.


Since we still had some food items we had bought along the way, we stopped at a park and had lunch.  It was still in the 90’s but we managed to find some shade.


A journal page I had been working on slowly.  I mostly recorded the trip in my personal journal. (see the bear totem…)  😉


The following are shots taken around the grounds at the Sooke Harbour House.  btw, they have changed owners so it’s not quite the same but not bad.

IMG_1270 IMG_1272IMG_1278 IMG_1280IMG_1284

IMG_1287 IMG_1300 IMG_1298 IMG_1288

This was our last day.  We had to get up early again to drive back to victoria and head straight to the ferry that was leaving for Port Angeles.  You had to be there at least 90 minutes early.  Then sit in your hot car and wait for the guards to come around.  You can’t go anywhere.  I hated it.  Then the ferry is old and run-down and still takes 90 minutes to cross.  It was super rocky the whole way and I was getting super queasy.  Off the other side, we made the 90 minute drive down to bainbridge.  This shot below was shot from our car as we were whizzing past.  I definitely need to visit Victoria again.


Had a BLT at Hitchcock’s Deli in bainbridge, then over to Mora’s for watermelon sorbet (I live for this every summer).  Then hopped onto another ferry for seattle where we slept like logs in our car while it crossed Puget Sound.  Got into seattle just in the nick of time for the 4:30 traffic jam.  Ugh.


It was a very full day of travel and not much else and I made a note that I never want to do that in one day ever again.  My motion-sick tendencies were getting the better of me.

Now that I’m home, I’m back to protein shakes instead off all those big breakfasts.  But it was amazing and fun and uplifting and we definitely want to go back.  It’s kinda crazy that someplace with the same energies of Cornwall, England or The Big Island of Hawaii can be reached within 2 hours.  I did a search to see if it is one of the big vortex’s.  It isn’t but supposedly Vancouver Island is like a bowl that holds energies for the other vortex’s.  It was something special and energetically charged, that’s all I know for sure.

Lastly…it was the perfect amount of time…5 days and 4 nights in all.

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  1. Susie LaFond
    June 09, 2016

    I’m so pleased you had such a sweet anniversary, makes me think about our 4 days up north in the log home on Lake Superior. We didn’t do all the driving you guys did but it was great being in place surrounded by woods, water and fresh air and having nothing to do but being able to do whatever we wanted, when we wanted. I love your bear page too. I love when we happen upon wildlife. Thanks for sharing all your photos and stories. I enjoyed it all thoroughly!!!!

    • Teesha Moore
      June 10, 2016

      yah…but I didn’t get done near the amount of journaling you did on your trip. For me though it’s just what I needed. I hate to say it but journaling has become my “work”. I still enjoy my work…but it is work none-the-less and it’s good to step away from it for awhile….because when you come back you have a lot more vim and vigor for it. Thanks for reading to the end! Have you tried the dill pickle kraut from Farmhouse Culture? It’s divine! And I just read to drink a tablespoon of the kraut juice at every meal. They are selling just the juice now but why? and to think I used to throw it out!

  2. leslie
    June 10, 2016

    What a wonderful trip, the food pictures make me so hungry, I have been following you for a while I love your art!!! It’s so original from everyone elses”s!!!

  3. Rosemary Peltier
    June 13, 2016

    Thank you for taking the time to record and blog about your vacation..it sounded like you were in another country. That is amazing being so close to home. I love travelling myself and miss it so much. I’m sorry that some of the food was disappointing.. I get so hungry when I am out. I know that you will do some wonderful art since being out in a new area. I loved. Thank you Teesha

  4. Rosemary Peltier
    June 14, 2016

    I’m commenting again to let you know how awesome your pictures were. The entire post was wonderful. So much beauty everywhere. My kind of place.

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