Sep 19

Wahoo – A new website and a new blog!

This has been a long time coming.  My oldest daughter was my web designer for years until she needed to move on and explore her full potential (and make more $).  So then I scraped together a measly little website that was also my shop.  I’m not sure how I managed to accomplish it, but I did.  It was basic but it did the job.  Unfortunately, every time I had to go in and change stuff around, I’d have a huge learning curve again.  It was miserable and time consuming.

Meanwhile, I started up My Artstronauts club and my old blogger blog ( fell by the wayside.  I have fallen in love with wordpress (which hosts my club website) and recently asked my web guy if he’d help set up website/blogs for both Tracy and I.  He said yes and I was beyond excited!

I want this to be my hub for everything going on in my life.  As such, I will blog about anything and everything that I find interesting, worth the time to post or stuff to keep you in the loop.  I will add new work to my Portfolio page as I make it and you can find links to my Etsy shop as well.

Huge hugs to Brian Davis, my amazing web guru who can handle everything I throw his way.  Without him, this would not be possible.  and he knows it!

About the Author:
Me? I am mad about creating on the pages of my journal, I believe in following your passions, I spend time in the company of trees, I love my man, boast about our 2 grown daughters, and sing when no one is around. I drive fast cars too. Read More


  1. Ginny Ballou
    October 09, 2014

    Great new website, Teesha! Have a great time in Hawaii!

  2. Su Hall
    October 14, 2014

    I love it! I am glad you are happy! That is all that matters, eh?



  3. Nancy
    December 01, 2014

    I ‘Really like Sept 19-th picture. I have this big 12 by 14 Swarthmore mixed media journal that I am afraid to use.

  4. Karen Davis
    December 18, 2014

    Love all your beautiful art! Your mom did a beautiful job on her cabinet. I am looking forward to the art retreat in April! Take care and have a Merry Christmas!

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  6. Mary
    September 05, 2016

    Where can I see more of those fabric journals you are making that I just saw on Facebook?

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    February 09, 2017

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