Wonderful Museum of Totems

About a month ago, we found ourselves in Vancouver, BC for a day and a half and decided to pay a taxi driver to take us to the Museum of Anthropology.  Between the cost of the taxi up and back again and admission, it was close to $100 to see it, but it was pretty epic and amazing.  This is the walkway just outside of the museum.  We got there just as they opened which was awesome as we were able to take shots without a bunch of people there….except for the one lady in a bright yellow raincoat.  🙁

These shots were all taken for my own reference for future art projects but I thought you might be inspired as well.

IMG_1829 IMG_1830 IMG_1831 IMG_1832 IMG_1833 IMG_1834 IMG_1835 IMG_1836 IMG_1838 IMG_1840 IMG_1841 IMG_1842 IMG_1843 IMG_1844 IMG_1845 IMG_1846 IMG_1847 IMG_1849 IMG_1850 IMG_1851 IMG_1852 IMG_1855 IMG_1856 IMG_1857 IMG_1858 IMG_1859 IMG_1861 IMG_1865 IMG_1867 IMG_1868 IMG_1869 IMG_1870 IMG_1872 IMG_1873 IMG_1874 IMG_1875 IMG_1876 IMG_1877 IMG_1878 IMG_1879

These are photographs from photographs.  They have these in books you can look through.

IMG_1880 IMG_1881 IMG_1882 IMG_1884 IMG_1885 IMG_1886

These are all in another section of the museum and showcase similar artifacts from various places in the world.

IMG_1887 IMG_1888 IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1891 IMG_1892 IMG_1893 IMG_1894 IMG_1895 IMG_1896 IMG_1897 IMG_1898 IMG_1899 IMG_1900 IMG_1901 IMG_1903 IMG_1904 IMG_1905 IMG_1906 IMG_1907 IMG_1910 IMG_1911 IMG_1912 IMG_1913 IMG_1914 IMG_1915 IMG_1917 IMG_1919 IMG_1920 IMG_1922 IMG_1923 IMG_1924 IMG_1925 IMG_1926 IMG_1927 IMG_1929 IMG_1930 IMG_1932 IMG_1933 IMG_1938 IMG_1939 IMG_1941 IMG_1942

This is in a special exhibit they were having from Portugal.  What I love most about this one are the shadows…the shapes cast.

IMG_1943 IMG_1944 IMG_1945 IMG_1951

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  1. Gwen
    November 01, 2015

    Thank you so much for all this fantastic inspiration on a Sunday morning! This museum will be on my must-see list!
    I also loved your post about the hike off highway 2!

  2. Paula
    November 01, 2015

    amazing. cool photos; very inspiring. thanks for sharing!!

  3. MaryAnn Ready
    November 01, 2015

    Well worth $100

  4. Suzan
    November 02, 2015

    I would never get there on my own so thank you for the fearsome beauty of the original People

  5. Julie
    November 02, 2015

    Thanks, Teesha! Do you know who the artist is that did the mosaic human figures? I love those. Thank you!

  6. Susie LaFond
    November 09, 2015

    Wow Teesha
    These are amazing and beautiful. As I scrolled through the photos, my mind started to buzz with ideas in both fabric and on paper. But in all truth, your photos capture that magic and the gift of the Indians and their profound respect for the land that was theirs. I’m mostly sitting in awe of that, given that the tools they used to do all this beautiful work were tools that they also made. Thanks for sharing!!!!! Truly awesome and then some.

  7. Elizabeth Woodford
    March 21, 2016

    I spent a wonderful day all by myself at this very museum. I wil;l never forget that day- it was in the mid 80’s. I am so in love with this form of art and the reverence of nature that it speaks of!! The mosaic people are new and Theya re terrific. Thanks so much for sharing this post. I consider this a must see stop for all in the PNW!

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